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The development of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) – and the ambient intelligence this allows – as well as the growing delegation of certain tasks to virtual assistants such as chatbots is leading to the emergence of a new speciality: robotic law.

Looked at from a technical angle, robotics is positioned at the cross-roads of several different disciplines: mechatronics, electronics, software, nanomaterials, artificial intelligence, etc. It thus requires an overall understanding and knowledge of all these disciplines and their challenges.

The department provides counselling and helps in settling disputes in ethical, legal and technical issues, including:

  • Managing data-flows and the conformity of IoT applications;
  • drafting and deploying “smart contracts”;
  • liability in the case of product defects and damage associated with the use of robots or artificial intelligence;
  • IT system protection and security;
  • ownership and protection of robotic innovations;
  • ethics and human rights;
  • standardisation and compliance.
  • We can make company lawyers available to your company on a temporary basis (outsourcing) for a specific project.

In our attempts to provide you with the most effective way of resolving any dispute you might have, we give precedence to arbitration, collaborative law and mediation instead of legal proceedings.

Many of our lawyers defend not only the interests of our clients in such cases, but are regularly called on as arbiters or legal experts.

The department recently founded the Robotic Law Association. Why not take part in its activities?

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