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The Belgian legislature acted a bit like Daedalus in designing the legislative labyrinth of labour law, greatly complicating the work of companies and HR departments. The association’s labour law and civil service department, Ressources, has the task of finding a way through this labyrinth – similar to Ariadne’s red thread – and thus allowing employers to focus on managing their human capital rather than on dealing with administrative questions.

To this end, Ressources provides flexible legal solutions tailored to your needs and resources.

We can offer you a complete range of services, including:

  • assistance in drafting, negotiating and executing employment contracts and salary structures;
  • defence and representation in labour courts and before the Belgian Council of State;
  • counselling on sectoral regulations;
  • assistance in negotiating company or branch agreements;
  • counselling and defence in social security matters (pensions, sickness and disability, unemployment, etc.).

A team of practitioners with in-depth knowledge is there to support you:

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