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Real estate (property, co-ownership, expropriation, leases, etc.)

All those in the real estate business, professionals or not, are confronted daily with legal issues of various types: drafting contracts, problems with permits, tax structures, environmental issues, judicial proceedings, etc…

Lexing has a specialised team who can offer its assistance in the following fields and beyond: the formation, acquisition and disposal of all civil and commercial rights to use, enjoyment and disposal of immovable, analysis, consultations, negotiations, studies of urbanisation and environment, drafting deeds, contracts, contract terms, conditions and specifications, master deeds for real estate developments, sale, condominium/co-ownerships, easements, timeshares, leasing, residential and business leases, long-lease contracts and building leases, and so on. They also have experience and expertise in dispute settlement by out-of-court agreement, arbitration or court proceedings for public liability: nuisance, landlord-tenant disputes, structural defects, latent defects, dry rot, condominium/co-ownerships, and so on.


Our team of lawyers has in-depth knowledge of the matter and the various legal facets it entails :

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